About Us


Lines by Roba Youssef is a multi-disciplinary Firm that creates unique concepts that matches the context, program and users needs.Specialized in architecture, interior, products and design, founded by Roba Youssef and started operating in June 2016.Since then, she, and the team are working in creating unique projects and concepts. With offices in Beirut,downtown and an added team in Cairo, we work internationally as a single studio/Firm. 

We focus on providing a full design & build services for Interior, Architecture, Landscape, Furniture and Graphic Projects. Based in Beirut,Downtown and Cairo.    

Our Projects go through different process from preparing preliminary projects, creating designs and workshop drawings project management and supervising in site construction finishing Our mission is to create a successful works and Projects that holds unique Identity focusing on the Harmony, Spirit and unique Concept that defines each Project.

Roba Youssef, an Egyptian Int.Architect born in Beirut, who is the founder, owner and CEO, has combined her passion and experience of Architecture and Interior planning/Interior Architecture and Design in a way to create a special Concept, Internal and External Architectural designs and unique Items and Projects. Graduated from the faculty of Architecture and Design at the Lebanese American University (LAU) with High GPA and having many of her projects were exhibited many times at LAU and awarded as Best year projects. In addition to currently pursuing her Masters in Architecture from Lawrence Technological University-USA (NAAB Accredited) also being part of many international and recognized competitions and receiving Certificate of Achievement from Harvard University. Her works includes Architecture, Interior Architecture , Interior Design projects in addition to Landscape, Product/Furniture Design and Identity|Logo Design.     

Locations :

-Beirut, downtown, Beirut Souks, Block M, 4th Floor

-Team in Cairo

Contact us at : info@robayoussef.com or via our Social media | +961 71 110 312 | +20 010 666 92 876

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