Scrolle | Downtown, Beirut, Lebanon

Project Name "Scrolle"

Building Type
Concept Holistic Eatery/Cafe 


Completed | August 2023

Gross Floor Area 100 sqm

Downtown,Beirut, Lebanon

Scrolle is a holistic concept eatery and café, including an architecture and design lab (Roba Youssef Architects).

This project has several goals, one of which is to raise awareness about the importance of architecture and design in our lives and how they shape our daily lives, from external and internal spaces to products that we use on a daily basis in a variety of activities, as well as to connect us to our surroundings through design.

 The project takes place in the heart of the Downtown area of Beirut.


 The challenge was to reflect on the importance of design while connecting users to an architecture and design firm represented by a lab with an open showroom. This is done using architectural thinking and expressing it in its smooth curvy connection, and achieving that using multi-functional activities of space, including a holistic resto/café with an open kitchen.


Architectural Design interventions built around curved walls connecting to the ceiling to define the space, and a carefully selected minimal color accentuated the natural curved lines of the Scrolle’s interior ambience, while keeping the focus on the space’s purpose and multi-functionality. The first conceptual project to combine architectural design and F&B combining it with a holistic approach to the space, product, food, and beverages.

(Architectural design interventions built on curved walls connecting with the ceiling to create the space and a carefully chosen minimal color helped to define the natural curving lines of Scrolle's interior ambience while focusing on its goals and  the multifunction of the space. A first conceptual project that works upon using an architectural approach and merging it with an F&B project, where the space, products, foods, and beverages are architecturally curated based on a holistic approach)