Regenerative Architecture

Project Name "Regenerative Architecture"

Building Type
Commercial Communal Building


Concept/Unbuilt LTU, USA



This is an architectural project imagined for the year 2030 (Natural Icon). The design work is guided by the philosophy, principles, and selected parameters defined in a  personal Emergent Manifesto and the Living Building Challenge. In addition to that, the Modern Icon transformed is reflecting technology and spirit of the future and act as a regenerative Architecture. Implementing active bio-pods that generate energy and connected to the whole designed building. The design is based on a passive energy capture achieved by the pods/capsules and these capsules are attached to the building which is immersed with the context and becoming part of the earth, the capsule attached to the building plays the role of passive energy generator, working as a network. The final result is a building that Capture energy then recycles it, including a Co2 capture machine with is uncommon to an architectural project.