Plastic Monument

Project Name "Plastic Monument"

Building Type


Concept/Unbuilt YAC




Patches/Pods ... Problem/Solution

Thinking about the effect plastic has done, and as a thalassophile, I’ve started my concept from an image I took while diving of BlueSpotted Stringray fish which holds the idea of an incensement (enlargement) coming from the tail to the head with an enlargement on top of the fish where at its peak it’s surrounded by patches which I portrayed it as plastic incensement that are causing spots on planet portraying diseases and problems. So these patches will be translated as pods to describe plastic problem but also for it to be the solution/ Solution within Problem. The Structure will be holding main pavilion part (with pods inside) in addition to several pods surrounding it. Those pods will be the place where people recycle their waste while understanding the concept behind that. And because Plastic is not an enemy but for it to be that we should recycle, so the material used will be based on biodegradable plastics with steel rods to hold it, it will be inexpensive, managed through different locations (changeable in pods quantity/size) and transparent to show users interaction and waste and also invite others .Forms is based on organic flow and intersections, people will change by experiencing the problem and expressing its solution. Using several Parts to put spot on different problems created in different environments and contexts. It is the Identity of Plastic Recycling.