Pinocchio's Library


Project Name "Pinocchio's Library"

Building Type


Concept. Unbuilt | YAC

Gross Floor Area 8000 sqm

Collodi, Italy

Thesis Statement
Bookshelves creating a Library


Pinocchio is not only a story that we all know, it has important message behind it and affects lots of children; it holds lots of morals and lessons concluding the circle of life that we go through everyday. Creating a full project mainly based on this story is a very interesting way to deal with the learning outcomes that we should hold and consider. Collodi is the place where this story was born, so taking in to consideration its character, the clustered village and land, nature, color used, the surrounding and the habitant all those creates the adventure needed to portray the location of this story as for Pinocchio, the shift from puppet to real human is not only found in this story but in our real life; we all go through different stages, we all have choices, we can be controlled, lie and keep on doing mistakes and stay as a puppet that can be manipulated by others or we can move on positively, having control and make good choices in our lives so we become real human and that what we should teach children and adults how to become a positive spirit and the importance of education in working on this point. The space will be represented   by being random, clustered, full of motion and representing both the location and the character stages.

Full Space is made of the main object that will be used which is "bookshelves" they will be working as partitions, movement stages so it will be users main target. Library not just including bookshelves but bookshelves including library.