Detroit Zoological Society

Project Name "Detroit Zoological Society"

Building Type
Zoological Center


Concept/Unbuilt LTU, USA


Detroit, USA


The goal is to complete a comprehensive site and building design project through demonstration of investigative and design skills engaged with site conditions, historical traditions, and global culture. Integrating environmental, structural, and spatial ordering systems and addressing issues of sustainability, accessibility, and life safety in architectural design. Focusing on skills in required technical documentation and producing a set of architectural drawings delineating the project. The Detroit Zoological Society (DZS) has proposed the Great Lakes Nature Center to be built on Macomb county lakeshore in Michigan. The center will also focus on the preservation of water and wildlife of the Great Lakes; and also on the conservation of endangered species.
The center will provide the community an opportunity for birding, astronomy, and science. It will offer programs that focus on education, conservation, science, and animal welfare, as well as the environmental protection and economic importance of North America’s freshwater inland seas. It is aimed to offer opportunities for families, fun and learning, educational programming, and community engagement.