Candy Hearts

Project Name "CandyHearts"


Building Type



Gross Floor Area 28 sqm

Beirut, Lebanon

Thesis Statement
Candy Shop Project that Holds a
new branding , Creating a new Concept of Candy Store

This project will be a Candy Shop, that will reflect the product mood and character which is Candies , and will describe the Logo Concept itself “CandyHearts” so the space will be based on the spirit of Candies Heart, a Space where the base
of Candies is produce, it will be a fun experience , full of Playfulness and Sweet space with Harmony and reflecting the idea of Candies HEART.

There will be Tubes coming from the ceiling of the Space as if they are pumping from the Heart Base to give colors of Happiness and Happy Products Candies.
Tubes goes down creating yummy treats and giving an expression that the Heart is pumping; those tubes that are creating these delicious colorful candies in a playful, active way.
Tubes will be placed on different levels reflecting the idea of an active pump and
starts going down from each side of the space creating Candies.
Candy hearts .... Pumps ..... Beats of Candies ..... Love of Candies
A space full of Fun, Happiness and excitement it is truly a candy space that is
Embracing Candies Character and Spirit.
Light and Circulation will also be based on the playfulness and pump idea.