A Community Within a Library

Project Name "A Community Within a Library"

Building Type
Library/Community Center


Concept/Unbuilt LTU, USA


Wisconsin, USA 

In this project, the objective was to address the elements of architecture and their contextual relationships as well as design tools, techniques, and processes bringing greater emphasis to meaning and process in architectural design. Formal and phenomenological elements are examined alongside cultural and social issues of meaning as sequences of design focused on decision-making.
From the big image of the urban planning system and the intersection of main liminal and interstitial points, an axial connection was created to form a central connection between the space and its context in a greenway with a double courtyard which gather people around within this hybrid, active, connected and communicative space. In addition to that, the intersection of lines coming from context connection and forming the building has also created playfulness in space, in its circulation, way of use, and divisions. To further portray this intention of connection and communication between the space and the user, materiality was chosen carefully to follow the same principle, opacity and transparency were used in logical spots. The urban study, taxonomies, and Program use has all shaped and formed this space, a library within a community or maybe a community within a Library.